Location: Beijing

This morning we woke up around 6 AM on the overnight train!! We were all kind of bummed to leave the train because we had such a great time bonding with each other in a new environment. After getting off the train, we groggily headed back to headquarters. There, we ate breakfast and finally took showers. Our next stop was New Hope! When we got to New Hope all of the babies were taking a nap, so we did some “team bonding.” We struggled through the human knot and sliced each other up in a game of ninja. During the bonding, Elliot pulled a couple of students aside to get interviewed for the new website! During the interviews, we talked about our personal experiences that we have had on the trip so far. Once lunch was ready, we rushed inside to a meal of some of our favorite traditional Chinese dishes. When the babies finally woke up, we were all super excited to spend time with them! We played outside on the trampolines and sang songs with them inside as well. All of us were happy to hear that a couple of the babies were going to be adopted. They are both moving to the states with their new loving families within the next year. Overall, the day of service was enlightening, and the memories we made will be unforgettable!