Location: Cuzco

Author: Jonathan Location: Cuzco Today (all 48 hours included) was by far full of its highs and lows. We touched down in Lima around 5 and quickly boarded our next flight to Cuzco. Flying took a lot out of us as nobody slept comfortably. Regardless we arrived at Cuzco, a breathtaking city. Form its amazing views to the elevation of 11,000 feet, and upwards it can leave you speechless. With countless flights of stairs behind us, we left our belongings at the hostel and proceeded to desayuno (breakfast). We were served a varying assortment of juices and spread for our odd rectangle shaped toast. Soon afterward we climbed back to our hostel where we revived our generous ration of water. We were allowed to rest before embarking on the next part of the day. Our tour guides showed us around their temples, and we listened to a brief history on Inca religion. Walking back up winding sideways and sidewalks we returned to our leader’s introduction to the Lifeworks program. This, however, was a surprise as I had no idea any itinerary had existed before this briefing.

All in all, I should save room for my other colleagues to go on about the wonders in store for us during this program. Shortly afterward we where given time to freshen up and briskly proceeded to dinner. I being the more adventurous of sorts ate a dish called ‚Äústicky chicken.” Despite the name, it was pretty normal as far as chicken goes. That about sums up the majority of our first day.