Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

As usual, the morning began a little slower than anticipated. Most shipmates were pulling themselves out of bed around 7:30, but the chefs were already wide awake getting to work on a delicious scrambled egg breakfast. We were one of the last boats to leave the anchorage at Sommer‘s Beach, and the wind quickly picked up to above twenty knots as we made our way to the turtling site in Brewer’s Bay. Today we used a turtle tagging method called ‘Manta tow’, in which we were dragged behind dinghies searching for turtles. Unfortunately, the turtles weren’t as excited for tagging as we were and decided to pull a no show, so we ended up getting dragged to no avail for most of the afternoon. In the late afternoon, we pulled in to Cane Garden Bay for some water and a place to anchor for the night. For dinner, our chefs ( with lots of help from Patrick) whipped up some Thai Chicken and Veggies with some of Torin’s special sauce. During dinner, the ActionQuest Director, Mike, stopped by and did a forum activity with us to top off another unique Lifeworks day.