Location: Somewhere in an airport

Tis the time for everyone to return home from their serving, exploring, and shenanigating in Costa Rica.

In the past 24 hours, there’s been a lot of reflection, and not just because of mirrors. We wrote about our service experience as a whole – what we did, what impact it had on the communities we served as well as our own lives. We also wrote about how we’re going to carry the lessons we learned from our work here into our day-to-day. We had our final bus ride with Hugo (Alexa I know you better be playing Despacito) We had a conversation about how we’d led our lives before the trip. How it differed from the lives we lived in Costa Rica, and some good starting steps with which we could combine the best of both our American lifestyle and Costa Rican lifestyle. Big rocks first amigos. We cried, yeah I’ll say it. Gail, the fierce leader of the Humanitarian Foundation and an integral piece to making our trip a reality, came by and we all shared stories, photos, jokes, and PIZZA (it got everybody pretty piped up). How neat is that? That’s pretty neat!

After seven hotels, dozens of dolphins, one raft, multiple whales, two beaches, plenty of jungle, a golden schlondpoofa, a ludicrous amount of Gallo pinto & coffee, three or four waterfalls, not enough inside jokes, hours of bus rides, hundreds of oofs, several spontaneous sing-a-longs, and a whole fortnight (the original kind), we did it.

Now hopefully we all remember where north is. 

PS: Bonus points to whoever can spot all the differences between our very first and very last group photo!