Location: Amritsar and New Delhi

Our whirlwind visits continued as we left Amritsar on an early-morning flight. Although we had not been able to see a lot during our one night, we had our first taste of the beauty there with the Golden Temple, and many of us were already planning our next visits to the city as we left it behind. We were all groggy as we went to check in at the airport but quickly realized how hectic the day would be, starting with the emergency car ride from the hotel to deliver Mayas rings to her. The flight was short, only a little over an hour, but many of us were in a deep sleep the whole time, with Jampa having to wake us up as the plane was nearing the gate in Delhi. As soon as we arrived at the airport, it felt like a homecoming, with the familiar Delhi heat and car-honking hitting us right away. We checked in at the hotel and figured out our rooms so we could shower before heading out for the day. After lunch, we left for a government-sponsored handicrafts market that sold goods from all of the regions throughout India. It felt like it had been forever since we had been bartering on the streets of Dharamsala! We picked up a few last-minute gifts for family and friends, thinking through all of the things we had meant to buy before. (We have some serious shoppers.) Some of the girls also got henna on their hands and feet from women who were congregating outside the market. After about two hours we piled into the minibus to go back to the hotel and get ready for our last dinner. Everyone looked nice in their dresses and polo shirts, and a few girls and one boy even wore the traditional Tibet outfits (chupas)! We went to a restaurant where you could hear the laughter and music from the street as the diners ate cuisine from all over the world including the Middle East and Africa. The most popular dishes among our group were the pesto pasta and red curry. Overall the group was agreed that it was some of the most delicious food; it was the perfect place for our last real dinner all together. As the trip nears its end, we are trying to focus on the two days we still have together, which includes going to the Taj Mahal tomorrow! As we have an early morning, we’re off to bed happy and with full stomachs. ?