Location: Ollantaytambo

Author: Brooke Location: Ollantaytambo This morning the group woke up to indulge in one final breakfast inside the comforting town of Ollantaytambo. Boarding a travel bus with our packed bags, the group was looking forward to a day filled with whitewater rafting. Upon arrival to the rafting site, the group, once suited up in proper gear, was separated into three different rafts to begin the journey down the rapids in a safe and efficient manner. After a fun and thrilling adventure down the river consisting of various raft wars, races and raft inspired games; the group enjoyed a gourmet lunch at the beach influenced concluding site. Taking off on a two-hour long bus ride, the group headed back to the familiar city of Cuzco. With time to spare before dinner, some Lifeworks students stayed back at the hostel to catch the final game of the World Cup while others ventured out to further explore the shopping scene the city has to offer. Dinner took place at a restaurant that offered roasted guinea pig which is traditionally known as “Cuy” in Peruvian culture. This particular ancient delicacy was sampled by various members of the Lifeworks team. The day was finally wrapped up with a group meeting in which we discussed the significance of the final stretch of the trip and its importance about our garnered experiences.