Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

It was an early morning, a very early morning. For the leaders of the day, wakeup call came at 3:30 in the morning. In charge of waking up everyone up, the leaders gave a nice and gentle phonecall before they physically busted in too everyone’s room yelling “MACHU PICCHU, MACHU PICCHU!!” With only minimal physical enforcement, the group was on their way; headlamps lit for the base of Machu Picchu. As the sun rose higher in the sky, we climbed many steps until finally, we arrived. Right out of a postcard, the ruins of Machu Picchu were breathtaking and everything we thought it would be. Our guide Santiago taught us about the construction and the history of the ruins.

We were even able to rest on the terraces after a well-deserved snack. Though we did not make it to the sun gate, we still enjoyed a delicious yet early (10:30) lunch. After finishing up our sandwiches, we headed towards the bus to take us to the base. After arriving in the center of town, we hiked up to the hot springs. Although the springs were not as natural as we expected and had a strange odor, the group enjoyed relaxing in the tubs and playing games. We were given free time where we shopped and spent time in various cafes. Next, we headed towards our train taking us back to Ollantaytambo, this would be the most unforgettable train ride including snacks, strange costumes, and a fashion show. Both of us were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the show and strut down the aisle wearing various clothing items. After this long, interesting day, the group enjoyed pizza at the hostel and a good night of sleep.