Location: Beijing

Today was our very first day of service. Upon arrival at Dew Drops Little Flower, we all confessed our hopes and fears for this service session. It turns out that a common concern in our group was to accidentally harm the children.

We were divided into two groups: one with the smaller babies (a few months old) and one with the older babies (a year or just under a year). Some of us had immediate contact with the kids, while others (such as myself) were a little shy. But as the minutes grew into hours, we all created some kind of bond with one or multiple kids. The morning left us all moved and emotional.

However, the day was not over yet as we headed to Wushu training to burn off our heavy lunch of spaghetti. The session first started like any PE class, which left some doubtful of their capabilities. But as we moved to the actual practice, a vast majority was content and eager to learn. So eager in fact, that we have planned to wake up earlier tomorrow to practice a little before breakfast.

THE QUOTE OF THE DAY: “ Wushu is spiritual and dope” – Bianca