Meet GoBeyond

We’re a group of dedicated experiential educators who create and run expeditionary programs that hold the possibility of changing lives.

GoBeyond is proud to be the service and adventure arm of GXG, the Global Expeditions Group, and as you learn more about us, GXG is a name that you’ll start to hear quite a bit. Along with our programs ActionQuest and Sea|mester, we have over 40 years of history delivering outstanding experience-based adventure and service programs that combine hands-on learning, cooperative living and adventure travel throughout the world. Here are the people who make it happen.

GoBeyond Staff Member in Costa Rica

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GoBeyond is proud to attract and recruit the best in our field. Our summer staff consists of avid world travelers, highly qualified professionals, and fun and experienced facilitators and educators. All members of our team are dynamic, multi-talented, and passionate individuals with an unending devotion and commitment to the experience of our students.

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The other programs we offer

Through challenging course design, we create environments that promote self-discovery as well as social, emotional and intellectual growth.

For over 40 years, we’ve consistently delivered outstanding experience based adventure and service programs. By combining hands-on learning, cooperative living and adventure travel throughout the world, we have successfully ignited the inherent leadership skills within thousands of participants.

This is what we do, yet what really sets us apart is how we do it and the results that we achieve. To understand who we are and what drives us, you need to dig a little deeper into the sum of our parts, so we would encourage you to visit the individual web pages of each of our programs to learn more.