Talk to alumni about GoBeyond and a few things are immediately evident…

Bright and articulate, they are clearly motivated and independent, determined to travel their own path through life to make the most of the opportunities they have.

They also uniformly say the same things about GB high school service trips: that the experience took them out of their comfort zone and gave them a new-found confidence in their abilities. That the passion, enthusiasm, and dedication of the staff and partner organizations were nothing short of inspirational. That they went home with an opened mind and a desire to continue their work… They formed lasting bonds with their group and have memories of an experience that will stay with them all their lives.

Over the years, we’ve received countless phone calls, notes and emails from our alumni and their parents that describe the impact GoBeyond service adventure programs have had on them. Their words say more than we ever could about our programs, so this page is dedicated to the written, typed, and spoken word GoBeyond testimonials of our alumni and their families!

Parents Tell Us…

“The service component & the need to function as a team member really gave my daughter some improved life skills, though I don’t think she was expecting that! Overall, she came home with great memories, more confidence, and as a more well-rounded person and citizen of the world. The program seems very dialed in….the processes are very smooth, and I felt confident that my daughter would have a good, safe experience.”
Theresa W. - Wales, WI
“My Daughter came back more empathetic toward others and environmentally conscious, as well as very grateful for everything she has, after seeing how others lived on the islands. She thanked me multiple times for sending her and could not stop talking about the trip - for hours and hours. She seems more mature and looking into the future - more travel, etc. ”
Robin T. - Medford, NJ
“All aspects of the trip were well organized, communication was good. My daughter had a great experience. Anna had a worry-free trip to complete service, was exposed to cultures and living conditions very different from her own, while being guided by leaders who could support and encourage her to gain the most from the experience possible.”
Marna B. - Denver, CO
“My child loved this experience! I was very impressed with your company. We did not know much about Go Beyond before her trip. I appreciated how organized you were in the pre-planning before she left. ”
Keara Meyercord - Hillsborough, CA
“In every aspect of working with your program I have found the staff professional and friendly. The program itself mixes just the right amount of community service, adventure, and fun. I always knew Christian was safe and never worried. The blogs documenting their experience was a fun way to follow along and stay excited about what they were doing. ”
Lori O. - Big Bear City, CA
“My son loved the trip, the friends he made and the impact he had. ​The program was well run and organized. We had the itinerary ahead of time of the various locations. It had a wonderful effect on my son and opened him up to new experiences. ”
Leyla K.- Winchester, MA
“Very organized and professional. Gives kids just the right amount of independence. I am very confident by now, after 4 trips, that kids are in good hands and will have life-changing experiences. ”
Maria G. - Portland, OR
“Hannah had an outstanding experience on her trip. The office staff was great. I called with many questions and they were quick to respond and always had answers. GoBeyond has the right balance of service and tourism on their trips. The guides/mentors are experienced and knowledgeable.”
Shari - Highland Park, TX
“New friends, learning about a poorer side of life, adapting to smaller living, learning about and how to preserve marine life...I could go on. 100% yes. To see life from a different perspective, work hard and be thousands of miles from home, but still enjoy it and have a wonderful time!!!! Great job GoBeyond. This trip was 10 out 10 for my daughter, thank you. ”
David C. - Palm Beach, FL
“My daughter had an amazing experience. The travel was safe and easy and well organized. The staff was great. Jessie felt that she personally made an impact on the children she taught, the community she helped to rebuild and the marine life. The ability to form friendships and strong bonds with people you've never met. Invaluable experience. ”
Kathy B. - Wellesley, MA

Students Tell Us…

“It’s an amazing experience. You learn so many life lessons and you meet amazing people. What you gain as an individual. You learn so many things about the world and gain so many new perspectives on life. Also, you learn about who you really are. GoBeyond is just awesome. I don’t know any flaws.”
Alex W. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
“This trip has been one of the most exciting and amazing times of my life. Seeing all these cool sights and working with the children has been truly eyeopening and just so amazing. I find myself feeling all sorts of emotions all at once. I feel that anyone can enjoy this trip and that it will simply shock and amaze them every day of their trip.”
Spencer Z. - San Jose, CA
“This trip gave me the opportunity to learn new things, see new places, and meet new people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. The service projects brought us face to face with some of the most dire problems in these communities. I got to know the locals very well through them. It gave me the opportunity to itch my travel bug, do meaningful work, and make incredible new relationships.”
Amber N. - Studio City, CA
“I loved this trip so much. It opened my eyes to a whole different world and taught me so much about myself and the world around me. I was able to help people, be a tourist in a beautiful country, and make new friends!”
Gabriela G. - Portland, OR
“Friends, amazing staff members, and unforgettable experiences. I could never get this volume of exposure with another program or just going down by myself. I feel so lucky to have met all these friends from around the country (and globe) and cannot imagine my life without them. It's also great to form connections with the staff members. Having a strong role model on the trip seems really important and has made the experience that much more meaningful. ”
Helen S. - Norwich, VT
“I always enjoyed the projects we did and even if it was hard work I never got frustrated or annoyed because I knew we were making a difference and it was fun to do it with my group. It is such an eye-opening and amazing experience that I feel others should know about and take part in themselves.”
-Isabella C. - Sandy Hook, CT
“The fact that you get to be with a group of people from all over the world to do service is amazing because you get to meet people who are similar to you while doing something amazing.”
Jami L. - Gallup, NM
“The students and group leaders were very nice, compassionate; the leaders were personable and great role models. The itinerary was engaging and had a perfect balance of work and fun. The balance between service and excursions was very well maintained. All the excursions were very fun, memorable, and some of the best parts of the trip.”
Joshua P. - Rye Brook, NY
“On every project, I could see the impact that we had on the community around us. The staff made the projects fun and always explained what we were doing with very good instructions. I learned so much on this trip. From sailing to projects, I left the trip with so much more knowledge compared to when I got there. The environment that we were in allowed me to meet so many new friends.”
Katie P. - Deerfield, NH
“The service was amazing and we bonded so much. There was a good variety and a lot of traveling within the country.”
Keyla A. - Bluffton, SC

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