14 Pictures From GoBeyond That Will Make You Hungry

Here at GoBeyond headquarters, we answer a lot of questions about what the food is like in the places we travel.

We’re proud to accommodate existing diets while sharing and exploring new culinary horizons by trying unique international meals. Grab a plate and explore the tasty side of service learning with these 14 food pictures that are sure to make you hungry.


Food is a necessity. We definitely wouldn’t get very far into a 21-day trip without it. Nobody feels like doing community service on an empty stomach. Our local partner organizations have put these two facts together and will often feed us during projects. Since many of the projects we work on are physically engaging, a lunch break is the perfect way to ensure a second wind to everyone involved.


Food is a way to connect. At the end of a long day far away from home – sitting down at the dinner table is the perfect way to reflect on the experiences you shared that day and reconnect with the people that are quickly becoming a second family.


Food is universal. What better way is there to connect with those that speak a different language? Trying international meals is a means of learning about the places we travel and rooting ourselves in the culture.


Food is functional. It can help us learn about service projects through demonstration.


Creating new international meals is an experiment but sometimes we’re surprised to find that it turns out all right.


Speaking of experiments – sometimes we try some foods that are VERY new to us.


Like Starfish on a stick in the street markets of Beijing.


Or grubs in the Amazon.


Or whatever insects we might pick up off the forest floor…


Food is half the fun of leaving home.


Whether it’s for a service project…


or simply a means of exploring a new place…


Food transcends culture and geographic distances as something everybody has in common.

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