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5 Days of Thankfulness


This holiday season we’re reflecting on all of the incredible people, places, and things we’re thankful for during our “5 Days of Thankfulness” gratitude list.


Day One: Service Partners

Without a doubt, our service partners are the reason why we travel every summer. Our community-based partnerships allow us to serve in meaningful, unique ways which inherently leads to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Images: Top – Ecuador | Bottom, Left to Right – Costa Rica, British Virgin Islands, China, Costa Rica


Day Two: Travel Stories

We’re thankful for all those incredible travel stories we’ve picked up over the years. Spontaneous dance parties in the rain, hiking through the jungle to find secret waterfalls during our overseas adventure travel in Costa Rica, searching for the best local snacks in China’s street markets – traveling opens our world to a whole new cast of characters and stories!

Images: Top – Ecuador | Bottom, Left to Right – India, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador


Day Three: Culinary Curiosities

From grub worms collected in the Amazon rainforest to Naan and Kafta in India, food is a major part of travel. We’re thankful for travel and the opportunity to try all the weird snacks and delicious international meals the world has to offer!

Images: Top – Australia | Bottom, Left to Right – Australia, China, Ecuador, Australia


Day Four: Wildlife Encounters

Whether it’s tagging sea turtles in the British Virgin Islands or bushwacking through the Australian bush to find kangaroos, we’re thankful for all the amazing wildlife encounters we’ve had through the years.

Images: Top – British Virgin Islands | Bottom, Left to Right – Australia, Peru, Australia, Costa Rica


Day Five: Travel Mates!

The memories we share from our travels abroad stick with us well after the experience. We’re incredibly thankful for all the great friends and travel mates we’ve made through the years!

Images: Top – Ecuador | Bottom, Left to Right – China, Costa Rica, Australia, British Virgin Islands

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