Our Impact

Beyond experiencing the adventure of a lifetime and creating lasting memories, we believe the GoBeyond experience enables lasting positive change in the world.

For over forty years, we’ve been transforming communities, environments, and students’ lives through meaningful, collaborative adventures and service that develop skills and a more sophisticated worldly outlook—ultimately shaping the person they become.



We are parents too, so we understand that you want your kids to grow to be independent; capable of making positive choices that enable them to maximize their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and reach their fullest potential.

Perhaps our hope for their happiness and success is at its strongest as kids reach the formative teen years. This is a pivotal time in their lives because these experiences and influences build the bridge from the children they once were to the adults they will become.

At GoBeyond, we provide our students with the tools they need to build a strong foundation for this transition. We do this by creating an environment that promotes self-discovery as well as social, emotional and intellectual growth.

Our journeys may vary in destination and focus, yet all are built around the same core principles and philosophy. The result? GoBeyond promises to deliver an experience that will provide opportunities to learn, grow and develop skills that have a lasting educational impact.