Location: Beijing, China

We started today by going to the baby home. The driver played some interesting music on the way to Little Flower. The lyrics are not PG, so I’m going to skip quoting them. However, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the driver had no idea what he was playing. After the babies, we came back to the apartment and ate some tacos. Then, we left for the 798 art district. There were a lot of galleries there and tons of cafes. Unfortunately, Chris did not find that super specific pencil he was looking for. However, Ben did locate an interesting lollipop. Then, we headed to the Western market to stock up on some snacks before our trip tomorrow. On our way there, Mary threw up in Thomas’ house. We lost Chris in the supermarket, but luckily, Mary retrieved him from the depths of the frozen section. We were all happy to hear that he tracked down that pencil he wanted. Finally, the driver took us back home. We were excited to eat dinner, but the cook made some food that was a little too adventurous for us. Most of us ended up eating leftovers or eggs. Ben and Thomas put on a concert for us while we ate dinner. For dessert, we had a wonderful, egg-less cake made by Catherine in honor of Emily’s upcoming departure. We are going to miss Emily, and I’m sure we will be out of our comfort zone when she leaves.