Location: Beijing, China

Today was a day full of art, fun, and adventure. In the morning we went to the 798 Art District. Around every corner, there were new sights to see. From the beautiful graffiti covering the building to the small shops filled to the brim with amazing souvenirs, everyone was having a great time. But the coolest part of the Art District was all of the galleries of local artists and museums full of mediums we had never experienced before. One museum was entirely made up of characters displaying different meanings. This simple yet elegant art form reminded us all of the beauty in everyday life. Next, we went to a Western market full of foods we missed from back home. We were able to stock up for our long train ride ahead. The train station was amazing. It was huge, even as big as an airport in the U.S. It’s fascinating to think of the different forms of transportation favored in different parts of the world. It was clear to us that here trains are a vital resource for many people that live in this area. While boarding the train we were able to switch around all of our seating so we could all sleep in the same compartments. The best part of the 13-hour ride was the fun, enlightening, diverse and interesting conversations that continued throughout the whole night.