Location: Xi'An, China

Hi Mom, it’s Nathan. I don’t know how to write a blog, so I am going to write exactly what is in my Lifeworks Student Manual and Journal.

-Woke up early and got off the train after 12 hours

-Walked around the parking lot for a long time trying to find our tour bus

-Bus had great AC (Thumbs up)

-Met our Tour Guide (Daniel)

-Went to Hotel

-Sit down, relaxed and ate breakfast

-After breakfast, we went to the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum.

-At the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum, we learned about the different ranking soldiers.

-I also bought a gift for my Dad

-We went to the actual Terra Cotta Warriors

-Went shopping

-Saw friends haggle poorly, and I thought it was funny

-Some of the people from our group bought fish pedicures

-Didn’t have enough shopping time!!!!

-After shopping, we went to a Pizza Hut that had bad service.

-After the long hours at Pizza Hut, we went back to the hotel

-Then we slept