Location: Anegada

8:30 am, an early, yet strangely pleasant wake-up call had me feeling more awake than ever. As I walked up the steps from the cabin into the kitchen, the smell of cinnamon French toast wafted its way through the usual sargasmic ora the boat seems to give off. A nice change in scenery, or, scentery? Anyway, the French toast tasted exactly of what it was, off-brand wonder bread and cinnamon, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Without hesitation, the day starts, but the start of the day is blurred. For once, a “chill” morning approached with more than enough time to get the important task of laying around and doing nothing done. And with a boost of BZ in our system, we managed to get our butts off the boat. This time, shore time.

A phone call home and a new bathing suit redeemed the previous seagrass, mud-filled days prior and lifted the spirits of the boat, and with our spirits went our sails. So we were off, the island of Anegada tipped our horizons as the waves tipped our boat. A relaxing sail of two hours and a bit too much water gave us more time to do the exhausting and time-consuming task of doing nothing, with only one break for greasy, American style grilled cheese served elegantly with no plates credited to the lack of wanting to do dishes.

And so the long-awaited arrival was soon to be a reality. As we anchored off the shores of the ever so flat island, BZ announced our daily activity; an activity made for the books; we were to walk down 5 miles of the beach looking for specific pieces of trash specified in a scavenger hunt made for us. Don’t worry we don’t know why either, but hey, one mans trash is another BZ’s treasure. Like always, we powered through and found our dear skipper her trinkets.

Going back to the boat was probably the most relieving feeling of the day. Waiting for us was an assembly line of taco ingredients and, yet again, a smiling BZ. So we ate, let me tell you, beans – they are good for your heart. And so with our bellies full and our hearts warmed we sit here, Ashley begging the kids to make the Blue Lagoon with the reoccurring dilemma of no one listening in the air.