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What’s up boys, (maybe girls) today we woke up to sweaty butts and disappointment, as we were not able to eat French toast… Guess why? Because we’ve been eating peanut butter and jelly sammie’s at every hour of the day. 9 pm? For sure. 3 am? If we’re up, definitely.

So after a sad morning of mourning (and scrambled eggs), we skrt’ ed over to clean up some beach trash. It was going well because, well, hurricanes = more trash. We were filling out data sheets to submit to the Ocean Cleanup for analysis of global ocean trash. We marked down every piece of trash we picked up.

Next up was looking at some AWESOME seagrass. We got delayed because a small storm was heading towards us, but it ended up missing us. Looking at seagrass was neato, but the water was way too dirty. It looked like shark farts (look it up it’s a VERY good comparison). My group ended up being an #epicfail when our camera got water in it, and we no longer could take pictures of said seagrass. And then our underwater tape measure kept acting like one of those worms on a string. We still learned a lot about the seagrass and did some cool data collection.

Phew, finally done with that one, now its BBQ time, WOOOOOO no more boat food drenched in hot sauce (my specialty).

As always, remember: Live like Brum Brum

Until next time friends!

Ya boi, Chase