Location: New Life Project, Canchanburri

After starting the day bright and early with a beautiful Buddhist candle making ceremony, the group headed off to a primary school to master our teaching skills on fire safety, part two. The kids were so energetic and excited to have us visit today. Their spirit brought us all out of our morning fatigue, which is no easy task to accomplish. After a delicious lunch and a fire drill, we were all ready to recharge during our three-hour bus ride to the New Life Project for girls and younger children. The welcome that our group received here left a lasting memory for all of us. Kids are waiting for us outside with a welcome banner that they had made themselves. The children then lead us by hand to sit down for the rundown on this beautiful project. Everyone here has been so loving and caring that our expectations couldn’t compare to what we were met with here at New Life. We then settled down to eat dinner, which included some of the students’ absolute favorite dish: fried chicken. With the beautiful scenery, amazing food and wonderful community surrounding us, I’m sure the next four days will be spectacular!