Location: Volcan Paos & Termales Del Bosque

We started the day with a bus ride to a volcano that took an unexpected turn!  Our bus broke down on the way. We waited for a while, and even during our unfortunate situation we still found a way to be positive and Natalie led some of us in yoga.  Once we finally got the bus fixed, we drove up to the volcano and hiked for a little while to reach a beautiful view of the Poas volcano.  It was raining, but the view was incredible and a lot of fun!  Then our bus driver, Hugo, took us to our hotel where we ate an amazing dinner and visited the natural hot springs. They were very relaxing after such a crazy day and the long Poas Volcano hike. While we were there, we had a great final discussion as a group before we got ready to head back to our homes all over the world. Thanks for keeping up with our Costa Rica service trip blog, it sure has been an amazing experience!