Location: La Carpio

We united today as a hard-working, music-listening cement crew eager to perfect the last square feet of Dona Ester’s floor (where you see concrete, we see masterpiece)! With each passing decade of the “best of” station on VH1 Classic came more rock, cement, sand, sweat, blood, an determination.  By the time the 90s had rolled around, we had rocked out to Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, and Joan Jett, the product of our four-day project was in sight. Once the nib-man dream “crete” team had smoothed out the last of the cement, patting down the eighth and final bucket from the last batch of concrete, Dona Ester herself had arrived. The warmth emitted in each of her hugs reminded us all of why we chose to volunteer.  It’s because of the love found in giving without expectation.