Location: Sólheimar

We all woke up bright and early at 8:00 after having a full day of service prior. After having a delicious breakfast of potatoes and scrambled eggs, we were all ready to start the day. Unfortunately, we enjoyed our breakfast a bit too much and had to run to arrive at morning meeting on time. After we were all enlightened listening to people talk in Icelandic (which we all understood, of course), we prepared ourselves to start our full day of service.

Our group met up with Gummi (our service partner) at one of the many greenhouses to start our day of pulling weeds. We managed to clear an old greenhouse of many overgrown plants in record time! Some people were very dedicated to their work and pulled out roots that were as tall as some of us! Because our group worked so well together, we managed to finish early, allowing for some much-needed downtime before lunch.

After lunch, we got right back into work and divided into groups to complete the remaining tasks. One group finished clearing the greenhouse from earlier today and started taking apart the frame to allow a sturdier one to be built in its place. Another group built a trench around a different greenhouse to allow for it to be taken apart and rebuilt. Finally, the last group weeded around all the vegetable plants in the main greenhouse. Halfway through our second round of service, we had tea time! People had fun talking and playing solitaire while enjoying some freshly made tea and coffee.

We ended our eventful day with an exceptional dinner, cards, and a dance. At the dance, the local residents brought us into their circle to dance, which made us feel like members of the community. After a wonderful day, our exhausted group quickly fell asleep, excited for the adventures to come tomorrow.

Emily Sands