Location: Sólheimar

Today was our first day at Sólheimar after a full day of traveling the day before. I was the leader of the day today, and I set my alarm clock for PM instead of AM, so I was a little panicked in waking everybody up this morning. The majority of our day consisted of various service projects for Sólheimar’s greenhouse. I really enjoyed taking photos of everyone while we were doing our service, and I believe some of the moments I captured were truly the funniest I have ever experienced.

I quickly realized that Sólheimar was a very special place and that it should be a model for how our entire world should function. Sólheimar is an eco-village. An eco-village is basically a community that’s main focus is to minimize waste in all forms and protect our world’s environment. The majority of the full-time living population of Sólheimar have special needs. It was very refreshing to see how everyone treats one another in this unique community because my general population at home is not as considerate.

After our service, we went back to our house, and all participated in a forum about the ripple effect. This forum really caused me to start thinking about my life in a different way and also triggered some past memories that I had buried away. After the forum, we played Telestrations, which is basically if the games Telephone and Pictionary had a baby. This was easily the highlight of my day because of how sore my abs and jaw were from laughing.

Overall today was really fantastic, and I am extremely tired. Because of my habit to go to sleep wherever and whenever I want, I will now go and sleep for a very long time.

Erik Spafford