Location: Beijing, China

The wise words of one of our own:

Today I will do what you won’t do, so tomorrow I’ll do what you can’t do. – Peter Luna (August 2, 2014, 2:47 PM)

This morning we did what lesser people would be incapable of doing. We got out of bed.

After going to sleep at around midnight, everyone was tired and sore. Sitting on a long bus for over 10 hours is exhausting. After waking up and eating multiple rolls of sweetbread, everyone here at Lifeworks China began another long, gratifying day. Today was a double service day, so half of us went to the group home while the other half went to the baby home. After doing three hours of service in a daze, we came back to the apartments to eat an amazing lunch of quesadillas. You know what they say: When in China, eat Mexican food. Following lunch, we had a long rest period to catch up on things. During this time, the counselors told us to complete a questionnaire that asked us to reflect on our service experience at Lifeworks. People also used this time to write in journals and read. In the afternoon, we did more service. A large group of us did fun face painting activities at one of the group homes. During this time, Jack transformed into a pirate, Addie became an Indian princess and Esmer, and Sophia showed their love of country by painting Mexican and American flags on their faces. We spent the whole two hours painting the faces of the group home kids. It was a lot of fun! The group that went to the baby home had a good time playing with and caring for the babies. Afterward, we all came back and ate a delicious dinner. Then we had a really fun forum run by Sabrina, Sophia, and Becky (me!). It was overall a great day!


This is Becky Harrington reporting live from the Lifeworks apartments in Beijing.