Location: Taiyuan, China

This morning we went to Dong’ergou villages where many of the Little Flower kids are from. We started by walking through the village and made our way to a memorial site for a missionary who preached at the village many years ago. After the memorial site, we visited the mausoleum where the babies who have passed were put to rest. Then we began our journey up the mountain and to the church. The mountain consisted of many winding paths. At the top, there was a beautiful church and a pagoda designed after the Temple of Heaven. Once we reached the top, we took pictures of the amazing view and rested from the long walk. The way down was much easier. After we made our way down the mountain, we ate a huge lunch to prepare us for the nine-hour drive back to Beijing. We rode the bus for what seemed like forever and suffered through squat toilets that were less than satisfactory. We stopped for a ramen dinner and popsicles along the way and reluctantly got back on the bus for the remaining three hours. When we finally got back around 10:30 at night, we were all so tired and out of it that everything seemed funny. Finally, we all took quick showers and went to sleep. We can’t believe there are only a few short days left here in China.