Location: British Virgin Islands

This morning we awoke to the fantastic sunrise over Anegada. We were able to see the sun just starting to rise since Anegada is such a flat island and no mountains were near enough to obscure the aesthetically pleasing view. After that we ate and described our elaborate journeys in this dream world, it was time for all of us to start our trek to Beef Island. The sail was time-consuming and tremulous but thanks to our skipper of the day, me (Wayne) and the rest of the crew working together as one unit, we made it to our destination.

Beef Island was a magnificent place the creativity of the people who lived there was most prominent and shaped the island into a fairytale-like place. The island was filled with color and the artwork of the local people, but one thing that was more beautiful than the artwork itself was the local people’s personalities. The people of the island welcomed us with open arms. We were then split in half, one group was planning to work on the farm, and the other half was going to finish painting a boat. No matter what group that you were a part of, the sheer beauty of the island was always surrounding you. The farm was at the top of a mountain, and an astonishing view was always in range, and if you were painting, you got to use the lush colors which lend well to the island’s personality. I know that no matter where I go on this trip, there will constantly be a beauty. Thank you so much for reading this blog, and I wish you all a great day! Have some very sweet dreams.   Wayne