Location: Anegada

Greetings friends and family of Catalinaville shipmates. Today was contrasted with a very laborious morning then, an entertaining and relaxing afternoon. An astounding sunrise was waiting for all at 5 o’clock, the usual hour of waking for many shipmates. The day began with decadent scrambled eggs generously prepared by our captain, Elliot, as a gift of appreciation for our amazing cooking for Mexican night. Pressed for time, we all rushed into Stealth, our large black dinghy, only to arrive at the dock having forgotten our work gloves and tools. We spent the majority of our morning and well into lunch at The Anegada Rock Iguana Head Start Facility. A place where baby Anegada Rock Iguanas are raised in refuge from pestilent predators such as feral cats. Mikey and Kemal, the sole employees of the facility, greeted us with many tasks needing completion. This included preparing salads for the iguanas; cleaning the plethora of cages, feeding bowls, and the surrounding area; refurbishing the perimeter, and removing weeds from the property. The focal activity was deforesting the outdoor facility of its vines and weeds. At the completion of our work, Richard, our taxi driver was expected to arrive; however, he was significantly delayed and came late. To fill the spare time, shipmates partook in Taps, or Tips as some referred to it. At Rondall’s arrival, some elated shipmates pursued Rondall down the driveway. Rondall faced some who chased his cab while it was still moving. He comically preyed on their desire to get in his taxi by driving in circles around the cul-de-sac where the facility was located. Many followed him on his first, second and even his third lap. After a brief taxi ride, the group arrived at The Big Bamboo Restaurant and Resort. Due to Torin’s diligence in ordering a meal over the phone, a warm hamburger, cheeseburger or veggie platter awaited every hard worker. After a gourmet meal, Lifeworkers were privy to the resorts facilities. Many started their afternoon with what some would call the best place in the BVI to snorkel. Fish and reef life were less than a mere foot from many divers. One notable sight was a lone stingray. After the refreshing dive, many enjoyed a fun game of volleyball. Also, most made use of the ice cream parlor and tropical drinks available. Our day was not over then; the group moved on to the stores lining the Great Harbor, the bay where the boat is docked and the neighboring Reef Hotel. Students used this time to purchase shirts and hats from the local vendors. When it was time to leave, the crew was delighted to pick up all of our fresh laundries. When the crew returned to the boat, a few began salt-water showers but while in the water and to their dismay, they were told we would be taking freshwater showers. Ironically, the ocean water was warmer than the shower water. After showering, the cooks slaved over a professionally prepared “Summer Time Thanksgiving” meal. As an appetizer, Elliot miraculously procured hot french fries after a long meeting with Torin. The meal was nearly just as worthy of the history books as the very first Thanksgiving, the sharing of many anecdotes collected throughout the day occurred along with the eating of a great meal.