Location: Anegada

Hello, our wonderful friends and family!! Today, like every other day, was special; we sent our laundry to get cleaned! It did not end there though; we had an incredible breakfast of cereal and then packed our bags full of food and sunscreen for the entire afternoon of turtle tagging. We joined forces with the Moco Jumbie Lifeworks boat and went to an old fishing pier to set up for serious work. Richard was our boat driver who had an eye of the tiger for turtles! We caught seven green turtles (that look exactly like they do in the movie Finding Nemo / SO cute!!) and then the last group (best for last / my group) caught a hawksbill turtle. The catch was the most thrilling experience ever because the turtle pulled in the Elliot Evans (Elly Belly). Anyway, all of your babies or relatives or friends contributed to further research to help understand the amazing turtle. Then we all got the privilege of watching a movie about the journey of a turtle (1 in 10,000 live to adulthood — WOAH) The crew is going crazy right now due to the Mexican food, so apparently, it is a hit of a meal! Hope everything is going well, we are having a crazy awesome time!!   Love to everyone! Lindsey A