Location: Santa Ana

Today was another early start at 7:30 am where we woke to the smell of buttery french toast and fresh pineapple! We all headed back to the worksite at La Finca, where we were reunited with our fluffy friends. After a few mins(hours) of petting and being bombarded by 200+ pounds of fluff, we started to get to work. We put up a concrete wall and started planting in the garden. After a tasty lunch of sandwiches and fruit, the real fun started. A 45 min drive to the coffee plantation was well worth the drive! Greeted by our tour guide Gretzal, we took a very interesting tour around the coffee plantation where we saw the machines used to create pure and fresh Costa Rican coffee. After the coffee plantation, we headed back to our host families, hyped up from all the coffee! Once back at our host families, we all had an amazing dinner and headed to bed, preparing ourselves for another adventurous day!