Location: Quito

The day started bright and early at 7:30 am. For some of us (cough, Brittany 🙂 it was an abrupt change from the normal wake up time for a summer day. We had breakfast at the hotel while our bus came to pick us up. We went to Parque Itchimbia, a beautiful green space that sits on top of a hill overlooking Quito. We spent the morning exploring the park, playing games, and getting to know each other. In the afternoon, we were met by our tour guide, Estafania, who took us around Quito pointing out the sights and scenery. We got to climb to the Basilica of one of Quito’s oldest churches, met some locals, toured the government plaza, and ate our first empanadas. We came back to the hotel exhausted and took some quick showers before eating dinner and ending the evening going over some key information for the rest of the trip. We had an early night so we could start packing and get ready for the Galapagos manana! We’re all pumped.