Location: Galapagos

Captain’s log, Captain “el jefe”Justin. The title of this Lifeworks adventure is exemplified in the events of today. Darwin. We have made it to the holy land of biology. We began our great exodus promptly at 5:30 to ensure an on-time arrival for a 9:30 flight. We were so eager to begin our journey that we arrived two hours before we needed to be there. Small scale disaster quickly became full-scale fun by playing an assortment of games and eating dubious amounts of candy. Upon boarding the plane, we quickly discovered the flight would be an adventure in itself because we were all seated together. Two hours later we arrived on a beautiful Galapagos island. Our first stop was seeing the famous giant turtles the Galapagos uniquely have. While resisting the urge to ride their large shells, we truly began to understand why the Galapagos is such a special place. We then had time to explore the city. A personal stand out of mine was watching wild sea lions beg as if they were puppies to get fish from a local fisherman who was slicing fish right off the dock. An hour later we made it to our home for the next three days on a massive boat. Tomorrow the real Darwin-ish adventures start! Kirk Out. Stay classy.