Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

This morning we started off the day with a bit of turtling at Sommers Bay. We had no luck in catching any turtles, but luckily we had two more destinations to turtle! The highlight of the morning for me was I got to see a huge stingray, in fact, the biggest one I’ve ever seen. After our effort of turtling at Sommers Bay, we headed over to Monkeys Point for more turtling, but unfortunately again, we had no luck in tagging any turtles – but the snorkeling experience was great. After an awesome lunch of ramen, we sailed over to Brewers Bay yet for some more turtling! Unfortunately for the third time, had no luck in catching any turtles. My group was the only one who got to see, but sadly not catches, two sea turtles. The thing about Brewers Bay was that snorkeling there was the coolest place I’ve ever snorkeled. After our evening of turtling, we had a good dinner (Shout-out to Grant and Julie for the dinner). Afterward, we played some cards and ended the night with a movie!