Location: Rio Claro

Today we had an early morning as we had to get ready for the boat ride to spot dolphins, or as they are called in Spanish, “delfines.” We all got ready and went down to the dock to get on board. We put our life-jackets on and began our journey. The view was beautiful. We were surrounded by the thick jungle and the marvelous blue sea. Unfortunately, due to the high tides, we weren’t able to spot any dolphins; however, we still enjoyed our boat ride thoroughly. After an hour, we arrived at the rocky beach to check out the waterfall. The waterfall was really pretty, and we had fun “swimming” in it. However, the hike to the waterfall was the most interesting and challenging part of the activity, as we had to walk through rivers and the thick jungle. The feeling of reaching the waterfall was fantastic. We all felt accomplished and proud of ourselves for hiking for 40 minutes through those tough conditions, and most importantly none of us injured ourselves!

We then went out for lunch and enjoyed a traditional Costa Rican dish of rice and beans. After that, we all got some free time, and the group just enjoyed a relaxing and rainy afternoon at the hotel. To finish the day off, we went out to eat some quesadillas which were a nice treat given to us by our staff, JB, and Anna. Overall, today was another great day, and as leader of the day, I’m proud to announce that nobody got sunburned today! (mainly because today was cloudy, but that is not relevant).

P.S: Brazil lost today, but at least we didn’t lose against Germany or Argentina 🙂