Location: Rio Claro

Today was one filled with long and hard work. The morning began with breakfast as a group, then we hopped onto the bus and headed to Fatima’s house. Because the previous day we had explored the town and discussed the plan, we jumped right into work. We painted and decorated certain locations in the town. I was at Fatima’s house, which is also the school, where I painted the walls to brighten the vibe of the room. The other groups were out and about painting sheds and benches. We were then lucky to be served an amazing meal cooked by Fatima and her family. In the afternoon we got to play with some of the local kids who go to Fatima’s. They were excited, and the next hours were filled with fun playtime with the children. We made drawings, played with playdoh, danced, and sang together. Before our departure from the house, the students performed with choreographed dances and songs. And although it was pouring rain, the show continued. Fatima’s grandson sang a nice solo. When it was all said and done, we hugged all the kid’s goodbye. Some of the group got rocks that the kids painted for us which was nice. Then we had our hotel dinner and called it a night.