Location: Beijing

We began the second day of our adventure with a well-prepared breakfast by our two chefs of the day, Nicki and Emily. After fueling up, we headed out to our first full day of service with the children. Some of us went to the group foster home where we met the group home kids and their moms. They were shy at the beginning, but once we brought out some of our new toys, they warmed right up. We started with some coloring, then moved on to fun with play dough. It was a great first day with our new friends. The rest of us went to the baby home where we spent some more time with the babies as well as the toddlers. We helped to feed, change, play and provide a little extra fun and love. After coming back to a great cheese quesadilla lunch also prepared by our chefs, the group reunited and went out for some art lessons. We did Chinese watercolor and calligraphy, then enjoyed some tea and laughter with our art teachers. We’re all looking forward to going back to the art studio in a few weeks and bringing our masterpieces back to the states (or Switzerland). When we returned home, Mr. Johnson was here to give us the first of many very interesting lessons all about China culture and how it relates to modern China. Then we all crammed on the couches for a group activity where we shared our goals for the trip as well as what we each brought as individuals. After a great dinner, we took some showers and went out for some ice cream; A great way to end a great day! We’re all looking forward to some well-deserved sleep after a long, full, fun day.