Location: Beijing

In today’s journey, we visited the Great Wall of China and the Little Flower orphanage. We started the day by taking a bus towards the impressive wall. While waiting excitingly in our seats, Thomas explained the interesting legends of this famous wall. After a while, we finally arrived at the destination, and we started to climb the steep stairs. Arriving at the first tower was a relief, but there were MORE stairs to climb. After we visited the wall and took great pictures with people and landscaper, nobody wanted to see stairs anymore 😉 Then we returned to the house, and Alexa P and Alexa B cooked us a delicious American dish: hot dogs and beans. After we finished eating, we went to visit the orphanage and see all the adorable kids, and the staff taught us how to take care of, how it worked… In the end, we all went to eat Chinese food at a really good restaurant.