Location: New Life Project, Chumporn Province

This morning we were allowed to sleep until breakfast and skip the 5 am workout due to the lack of sleep acquired on the train. Breakfast was just as delicious as yesterdays. After everyone had their fill of toast, eggs, and cereal we proceeded onto our after breakfast dances. Upon learning that we would be spending the day at the local school teaching English, everyone became very excited.

Our day at the school started with breaking up into our color groups and going to our designated classes. Class started with introductions, and then we started teaching an assortment of topics to broaden the kid’s vocabulary. We were impressed by the children because their English was so good. As morning lessons ended we regrouped and then began the chaos.¬†All of the children began to ask for our signatures and handshakes and hugs. For nearly 40 minutes all of us signed notebooks until we were called for lunch. It was a major confidence boost. In the midst of lunch, a marching band broke into action, and all of us girls were recruited as baton twirlers!

After lunch, we had a second lesson until 2:30 pm. Then began sports time! All of the children in the school came out to play. Some of us played volleyball and soccer, while others chatted in the shade. The younger children were riled up into a little mob yelling out “Lifeworks Thailand!”. We left the school in the back of a pickup truck and returned to the compound to play sports with the New Life boys. Another soccer match provided entertainment for those on the sidelines while some of us rode bikes around the field. A quick break before dinner gave us time to relax. After dinner, we played games until we retired for the night eager for a good nights sleep as the reality of our impending 5 am workout set in.