Location: New Life Project, Chumporn

As a group, we started the day on the overnight train. Many of us did not sleep well because of the heat and the constant rattling of the train. We arrived in Chumphon at 6:00 in the morning, and from there we were taken to our next destination, the center for the New Life Project. We were welcomed by the kids and staff who are apart of this rehabilitation. After a short introduction, we all sat down together and ate breakfast, which was delicious. Since we were all exhausted, we were given two hours to relax and shower. Everyone raced for the showers considering; we were all drenched in our sweat. And after that, we all gathered together to watch a PowerPoint about the New Life Project. When the PowerPoint was finished, we sang and danced. When it was time for lunch, I ate rice, as usual. For the rest of day, we sang and danced, and also helped clean up around the center. Again, just like every meal, we all gathered together and ate dinner. After dinner, we sang and danced some more. Around 8:00 we all said goodnight to each other, and more than half of us agreed that today was probably the longest, but exciting day we’ve had so far on this adventure.