Location: Chugchilan, Ecuador

At the end of a long workday, half of the group climbed into the back of the truck to begin the scenic drive back to the Black Sheep Inn. Following the previous day of horseback riding, we had spent this day painting a school for our last day of community service. As we drove through the winding mountains, we all had a chance to reflect on our experiences so far. When I saw the majestic Andes Mountains sprawled out before me, I thought about all the beautiful and unique things we have witnessed on our journey. As the truck lurched around a corner, we held hands partly in fear and partly in exhilaration. This reminded me of all of the fears we have had to overcome and the amazing realizations and friendships that have resulted from that. At one point, we had a clear view of the now green, cheerful looking school we had just painted. I thought about all the amazing work that we have done and the impact that we have had. Despite the long hours and difficult challenges, the trace we have left on the communities of the Galapagos, Amazon, and Andes is much bigger than ourselves. As the truck continued up the mountain, we drove on towards our remaining days, sure to be full of incredible moments and memories.