Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up at 7:30 to the sound of the wind hitting the metal bars. The chef of the day cooked us a nice breakfast composed mostly of cereal and cantaloupe. Then we had a meeting with the entire Session 1 expedition, where Mike Meighan led the talk by discussing the adventures and experiences ahead of us.

We then proceeded to do some shopping in West End. After all of that was done, we had a very fun trip to a little bay near a spot called The Caves, where we all passed our swim test and went snorkeling. While we were snorkeling, we saw two very nice fish, a sting ray and a parrot fish. We finally headed for our last location of the day, The Bight, where we attached our catamaran to a mooring ball and then started to take what we call an ocean shower. Finally, our chef-prepared us a dinner with mashed potatoes and Sloppy Joes. We had a quick meeting about our activity the next day, which was hiking. Early to bed for a big day tomorrow.