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Location: Dharamsala

We woke up to the sound of rain, a subtle celebration of His Holinesses birthday. Climbing up the staircase, we were eager to eat our well deserved breakfast. Meanwhile, three girls stayed in bed because of illness, missing out on the fantastic pancakes from Common Ground. The streets and markets were empty, as the whole town gathered at the temple. His holiness was not physically present at the celebration, however everyone was energetic, and immersed in the diverse culture. We had lunch at the Chonor House, and afterwards a Johnny Depp look alike activist/poet talked to us. He talked about his life as an activist, free of all materialistic desires, living as a freedom fighter. We came back to the monastery relatively early to watch a documentary called Buddhas Warriors, whilst wrapped in our blankets. After dinner, Emily lead our form. We discussed the mammoth sums of money companies spend on advertising instead of positive causes that would benefit others.