Location: Dharamsala

We awoke…. fifteen minutes early thanks to Aishah and trekked up the 310 stairs (counted by Henry) to Common Ground. Once there we got our internet as well as Nutella and scrambled eggs fix and then headed off to Lha to meet with our mutual learning partners. Lots of us walked to the waterfall and took pictures with a horde of Indians. The highlight of this photo shoot was forcibly handed some person baby! On our way back to Lha we ran into a Hare Hare Krishna group. They had microphones and were chanting to major pop songs, including Starships by Nikki Minaj, so we joined in and danced on our way back to the center of town. We ate lunch at Common Ground and then took a cab to TCV where a few of us taught the youngins One Direction songs. Later back at the monastery we watched four short films by Russel Avery about the lives of Tibetans. We ate dinner then had a sudden need for chocolate and waited for the monks to open shop and introduce us to the knock-off version of Oreos. There we discovered a new type of Lays, Indias Magic Masala, which smells like India in a nutshell. Next, we had a forum posted by Aishah in which we discussed genetically modified food as well as the problems with the educational system. Lastly, we gathered in our rooms and sang the That’s so Raven and Drake and Josh theme songs as we ate our Magic Masala.