Location: Dharamsala

Today, we woke up early to listen to a speech by the Dalai Lamas former translator. The 300 steps to town felt particularly more strenuous given the fact that it was raining. His speech about how the Buddhist ideal is to achieve inner harmony to find happiness was incredibly inspiring. Afterward, we went to a museum displaying natural herbal remedies. Later, we ate lunch at an Italian restaurant- the closest to a 4th of July celebration available in Dharamsala. We had a bit of time to shop after and bought loads of souvenirs (haggling for gifts for our parents, of course.) After a bumpy car ride to TCV, we taught the children a lot of songs such as the hokey pokey and head shoulders, knees, and toes. We also helped the more advanced readers learn new vocabulary. Then, after returning to our monastery, we had some time to catch up on rest. After a great Indian dinner and an intricate forum discussion, the day was over.