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Location: Dharamsala

Today was Initiation at the Temple for those of us still willing to sit through another talk at the Temple with our mutual learning partners. It was very fascinating and thankfully much shorter than the previous two days of teaching. We met back at Common Ground for a lunch break and then went off to TCV for the afternoon. I personally adore my class and admire their eagerness to learn and willingness to cooperate. Our class (me, Nicole and Amber) is an especially tricky class as there are about 25 students ranging from 3 to 14 in age, however we are willing to accept the challenge and our students are just happy to have us. After a full day we came back and watched the movie 7 Years in Tibet which really helped us gain more of an understanding of the history of Tibet. After, we had pizza and soda for dinner which was great as most of us having been looking for a familiar meal. Most of us are fairly exhausted by this point in the day and are more than ready for bed. Tomorrow we have an interesting and laid-back day planned so we are all eager, as always, to see what tomorrow will bring!