Location: Dharamsala

It was a typical morning in Dharamsala: wake up, have breakfast and begin the tough journey up the stairs. After meeting our learning partners each person decided between going to the second day of the Dalai Lamas teaching, or to have a normal teaching session around town. Personally, I chose to see the Dalai Lama since it is such a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Two Lifeworkers even got to meet His Holiness in person. When our time with out mutual learning partner ended, we had lunch at Hotel Tibet, which had a nice selection of continental cuisine. Then, we headed up the windy road to TCV for an hour and a half of teaching our group of children. We are all beginning to really get to know and connect with the kids. We went back down to Common Ground to hear our guest speaker of the day, Dhardan Sharling, who is not only the youngest member of the Tibetan parliament, but also a female powerhouse. What stood out the most for me was when she pointed out how Tibet is a reflection of China, and the world has to aid China with their rise, instead of being against the country. Then we had dinner, and after everyone was full of Veg Momos, we went back down to the monastery for a forum on refugees and culture clashes. In general, it was a fast-paced but really fun day.