Location: Anegada

Waking up today was unusually easy, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was now in the position to wake everyone else up from their deep slumber, instead of me usually being the one awoken abruptly by the other shipmates. Being a skipper is pretty cool it’s nice to have some authority even if it’s not much. We sailed for about 3 hours from Virgin Gorda to Anegada, BVI, which was a nice relaxing smooth sail.¬†Once we arrived, we split into two groups to do a beach treasure hunt. I wasn’t aware of how long it would be, and after finding the majority of the objects on the list, it was very relaxing to clear your mind and walk on the beach, although there were times where I thought it was never going to end. Although today wasn’t the busiest and most exciting of days, it was nice to finally come to the end of that walk and meet up with the other group to compare all the specific types of trash and unique objects. Unfortunately, the results of the treasure hunt concluded in a tie, but I know our group stood to be the victorious ones! After the undying argument of who deserved to win we had some time to go swimming enjoy a delectable pina colada and play with the adorable and hilarious local children. The day ended with that, and we had a nice Mexican dinner to finish the long day off, and now I’m looking forward to heading to bed early to start an exciting day of turtle tagging tomorrow morning.