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Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

The day started with all of us waking up at 7am. We had cereal for breakfast and then proceeded to go snorkeling at Cooper Island to practice free diving for turtle tagging. While we were there we saw three turtles and a number of other sea creatures. We then sailed up to North Sound to go turtle tagging and had mac and cheese for lunch. The method of turtle tagging we used was manta tow which has someone with snorkel gear on holding on to the line used for wake boarding and water skiing looking for turtles. We saw lots of jelly fish and tagged one turtle. George saw it and Sam was the one who caught it. Following turtle tagging we went to the party. The party was very fun. There was lots of music and dancing and good food. One of the staff members, Sam, put on a show of his fire spinning abilities. Not long after the show we headed back to the boat. After get back on the boat we talked for a while and went to bed.