Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started with us waking up to a beautiful sunrise and very relaxing music. I slept in a hammock the night before so waking up there with the music and sunrise was so peaceful and like a tropical dream. We then hiked up a very steep hill. It was so hot and very hard, leading us to all sweat a ton. But the tough workout was so worth it because the view at the end of the hike was so outstanding. You could see all of the BVI. We sat up there for a while admiring the fantastic view and then wrote down some goals we have for the trip. This was such a perfect time to think about goals because not only was the view surreal, but it was inspiring and just the ideal time to reflect. We then sailed a long sail to Virgin Gorda, where I got to skipper and sail the boat. Even though I got a little off course sometimes, it was still really fun. Once we got here, we went on another walk to a beach. The beach was another beautiful site, and we got to clean the beach and collect the trash. I really enjoyed this because I think it’s so important to keep our earth clean. We found so much trash on this small beach, and we were only cleaning for about 10 minutes. This just showed us how much more trash is in the sea and how polluted our earth is. Picking up trash and walking back made us very hot once again, so we headed to the beach. Jumping in the water after that walk was so refreshing and was one of the best feelings. It was also really shallow, so the waster was so crystal clear. Because of the shallowness, we were able to stand and play volleyball, which was funny because everyone was diving for the ball and belly flopping. We came back and showered, which is always one of my favorite parts of the day because washing the salt off feels so good. Today was another excellent bonding day for us all, and although it was tiring, it was so exciting and a day well spent.