Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Day one of ye yonder voyage: Today was interesting. It started with breakfast, and then we left port and were underway! While we were headed towards Norman Island, I learned a lot of cool boat stuff, and I steered the boat (which was pretty cool). Once we arrived we did a swim test, (which was pretty fun), and once we were done, we went snorkeling, and I saw some cool fish while choking on water (because I’m not the best with a snorkel). Afterward, we all hung out on the bow while dinner was being cooked by our chefs (Sloppy Joe’s) and listened to music. I, like my fellow crewmates, we all seem to get along really well. That was pretty much my day. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain tonight so that I can sleep under the stars. All in all, my day as skipper was a success : )