Location: Cairns

We began one of our final days at the Tjapukai Aboriginal Park learning about the native people of Australia. After watching a short film on their heritage, we gathered to see two performances. The first performance was the Aboriginal story of how the wet and dry season came about in Australia. It was really interesting learning about the animals and how they lived in the rainforest. The second performance was on native dancing and celebration, which was also really awesome to see. We made our way to a didgeridoo demonstration and then learned how to throw a spear and a boomerang.

After the park, we were able to relax for a short while and then made our way to ProDive to be fitted for our big scuba adventure. Everyone was getting more excited as the fitting was in progress, which was cool. Lastly, we made our way to a local rugby match. I found the game interesting to learn and watch because it is so different than most sports watched in the U.S. With this being our last day before our big dive trip, everyone was trying to soak up their last licks of land until Day 19 when our adventure does begin to end. That being said, today was awesome and different than any other day so far. We are all looking forward to more days like today to come.